Foam Boat Plans


Rear view of foam boat seat
The boat is on the trailer. Rear view of seat. A good shop vac is important.

Again, Northern Tool and Harbor Freight Home Depot or Lowes are great places to shop.

The boat was painted using polyurethane "porch and floor" paint from Lowes. Which is much cheaper than marine boat paint and just as good for this purpose/.

Front quarter view of foam boat on trailer Just below the center seat is the 'blue box' for the battery wiring and the PVC pipe that holds the sail or sun canopy.

Forward you can see the 6" stainless steel center eyelet for using a rope for towing.

This goes all the way through to the bottom. 

Foam boat trailer configuration This is a better pic of the way I configured the trailer.

This is a galvanized dual watercraft trailer with the side bunks removed and replaced with two carpeted runners that go all the way to the stern.

I was able to use all the bunk hardware from the trailer and didn't have to buy anything except the wood and carpet.

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